Vengeful Threads at Twe12ve and The Naughty List Event – by ©PetraLAlexander-Valerian™

☃ White Christmas – Michael Bublé ☃ S T Y L I N G The Naughty List Event brought to you by Evil Bunny Productions.  Timeline: December 10th – 31st, 2016 Flickr Facebook Website LM E X C L U S I V E  Vengeful Threads – Unicorn Fantasy Eyelashes for CATWA ———————————————————————————————————— TWE12VE monthly event by…

Vengeful Threads and Indulge Temptation! @ Twe12ve Event – by ©PetraLAlexander-Valerian™

mem·o·ry /ˈmem(ə)rē/ noun plural noun: memories something remembered from the past; a recollection.  “one of my earliest memories is of sitting on his knee”  synonyms: recollection, remembrance, reminiscence; impression “happy memories of her young days” TWE12VE monthly event by Evil Bunny Productions is new items and focused on a one-word theme. This month’s November theme is MEMORIES….