Let’s Carry On… Let’s Carry On…

Love can be an invisible illusion
Love should all be laid bare
Loving means engraving it onto your heart
So never ever sacrifice it

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NEW: Ayame Fatpack | AlternatiVe @
DollHolic Event until Feb 11, then at main

  • exclusive for theĀ DollHolic Event
  • AlternatiVeā€™s Ayame Fatpack @Ā DollHolic EventĀ until February 11, 2022
  • available w/ 9 metals and 20 color choice HUD for changing leather/plastic areas
  • unrigged mesh; resizeĀ menu
  • Try DEMO first before purchasing
  • Alternative accessories to wear when you feel… adorable

AlternatiVe In-World
AlternatiVe Marketplace
AlternatiVe Group Flickr

NEW: Flash Aqua Nails [coffin] | DO Ink @
Jail Event until Jan 30, then at main

DO InkĀ Mainstore
DO InkĀ Flickr Group
DO InkĀ Marketplace
DO InkĀ Facebook

NEW: Dany Outfit (top only shown) | Supernatural @ DollHolic Event until Feb 11


NEW: Set 174 | SAPA poses @ Anthem until Jan 30th

Da’at | .Shi
Emma | Glam Affair
Body |Ā Maitreya
Inez 3.1 |Ā 
Lelutka EvoX

Model & Photographer: Ā© Petra L Alexanderā„¢

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Ā© All rights reserved by Petra L Alexander
No infringement is intended.  Ā© Petra L Alexanderā„¢ is not affiliated with or sponsored by Second LifeĀ®, a 3D virtual world environment entitled Second Life, and its wholly-owned subsidiaries.

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