What’s wrong with being confident?

Demi Lovato – Confident (The Alias Remix) (Official Audio)


N E W Lillian Necklace | AlternatiVe
Kinky Monthly

  • exclusive for the Kinky event
  • AlternatiVe’s Lillian Necklace @ Kinky Monthly until December 22, 2021
  • available w/ 9 metals and 20 color choice HUD for changing 4 necklace areas
  • unrigged mesh; resize menu
  • Try DEMO first before purchasing
  • Alternative accessories to wear when things get… kinky

AlternatiVe In-World
AlternatiVe Marketplace
AlternatiVe Group Flickr

N E W Be Strong [face tattoo] | DO INK
@ Valium Christmas Event

  • GROUP GIFT for Valium Christmas Event beginning December 5th
  • must have the Valium group tag to receive the DO INK gift
  • DO INK [face tattoo] “Be Strong” for LeLUTKA Evo X
  • Fresh, Medium, and Fade shades in BOM only
  • group gifts are under the Christmas tree @ Valium Christmas Event
  • Try DEMO first before purchasing

DO Ink Mainstore
DO Ink Flickr Group
DO Ink Marketplace
DO Ink Facebook

N E W SIRAYE skin [Nova tone + Gold lips} | DeeDaleZ @ TANNENBAUM


Sissy fur & bra | D I R A M
Artic Fox | Jian
Like a Boss | Sweet Sassy Poses
Nora | Phoenix Hair
Frostbite Collection | Frostbite Liliac eyes | Gloom.
Everlook HD Brows | MEEM.
NEW Sasha skin | DeeTaleZ
Body | Maitreya
NEW Inez 3.1 | 
Lelutka EvoX

Model & Photographer: © Petra L Alexander™

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No infringement is intended.  © Petra L Alexander™  is not affiliated with or sponsored by Second Life®, a 3D virtual world environment entitled Second Life, and its wholly-owned subsidiaries.

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