a PLA original story

*I sprang from the edge of the cliff and began spiraling down the dragon’s lair, Excalibur still intact behind me. The smell of expelled decay grew stronger the more I continued downward. Unfortunately, my ability to camouflage my being wore off, and the dragon knew I had trespassed into its domain. The lair’s walls and the floor shook ongoing for almost a minute from the pounding of each step the dragon took. Bone-chilling screeches echoed with a roaring fireball, so hot, I barely could stand the heat. I could see pieces of flesh dangling between its sharp tip teeth.

I managed to move my body in an upright position which stopped my falling, levitating in mid-air. I drew Excalibur from behind my back, holding the sword firmly in my hands. My eyes locked with the dragon’s, and I spoke out loud with confidence, “I come in peace. I wish you no harm as I do not know how I stumbled upon your lair. Grant me passage, freely, and I shall never return.” I needed to find the portal that brought me here and destroy it so no more innocent humans or beings would stumble and meet their death.

Slowly the dragon’s head turned, slightly away from my intense stare, and let out a rumbling growl while releasing another bellowing fireball. The fireball’s heat blew out like a wind. I had to turn my head away from the fire.

“Why is this happening?”

As soon as the fire dissipated, so did the surroundings. The faint glow generating from Excalibur stopped, and then I realized I came to peace with what was once my past, for another adventurous future awaits.*

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Enni | Wicca’s Orginals @ Uber

  • Wicca’s Originals Enni @ Uber until September 22, 2021
  • available for Matreya bodies and Legacy bodies
  • available w/ 10 colors and 10 metals Fatpack
  • available in 5 single colors w/ strap and metal changing HUD
  • 100% Original Mesh
  • Maddy gloves @ Wicca’s Originals In-World
  • try DEMO first before purchasing


  • Avoich Rings are compatiable for male and female mesh bodies
  • Avoich Rings are available in gold or silver
  • Occultatum Mask is compatiable for male and female mesh bodies
  • Occultatum Mask is available in gold or silver
  • Try DEMO first before purchasing

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Poire add-on + hairbase | Tableau Vivant
NEW Zoey skin | DeeTaleZ
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Lelutka EvoX

Model & Photographer: © Petra L Alexander™

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