Barbara Bonney – Ave Maria

Datrip messaged me today and wrote if I had a second, he needed to tell me something. At first, I jokingly teased him about what it could be he needed to let me know, and he finally wrote, “It’s something sad and will make you very sad.” I stopped myself at the words written and immediately knew Datrip was serious. Datrip then wrote, “Last Friday, Hermano had an aneurysm, and he didn’t make it. I wanted to be the one to tell you.” We exchanged a few more words, and later on, I wrote back that I would do a blog dedicated to Hermano.

I’ve known Hermano since 2012 and worked a lot with him at Energy Club or would attend his sets at other venues. Hermano was like a big brother to me and always made me laugh or feel better if he could tell I was having a bad day. Hermano was one of the rare ones. He made you always feel welcomed and always greeted everyone by name. Recently, he introduced me to his family, the Deka family, and I have never felt more welcomed and invited to a group as they all had made me. I even saw another side of Datrip I had never seen before, and I always enjoyed the time around them. Though 90% of the time they all spoke Italian, this never phased me. I still could understand (somewhat) and appreciated the new friends I made.

A lot of you may have known Hermano Constantine or know of someone that knows of him. If you do, please pass on what has happened to Hermano. I will never forget his laughter when he DJ’d somewhere in Second Life. When God made Hermano, he broke the mold. There’s no one else who could ever replace him. I know his French bulldog must be so sad to lose its master.

We live in different times today, and yes… we have had to adjust overnight to a new way of life. We live on a planet we can’t control; therefore, it will always run its course of catastrophic chaos. We either survive or don’t. Losing dear friends can be detrimental, especially friends we make here on second life. I want to hold on to the ones I have cherished here on second life, and I hope one friendship will someday grow more.

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