PETRA PRESENTS – MOoH! Music Deco and Bailey Dress with Torn Tights v.4.19

PETRA PRESENTS - MOoH! Music and Bailey dress with Torn Tights - V4.18

April 12 – 30
🐮 MOoH! is offering a gacha with musical instruments as decoration. ​Price is 50L a try.
Owner/Creator Dalriada Delwood

Pictured Music Decos:
🐮 Piano with Owl (rare)
🐮 Trumpet Bird Bath Sparrow
🐮 Bucket Planter w/ Bear Purple

MOoH! @ Dark Side 4
April 6 – 30
🐮 MOoH! is offering sexy Torn Tights without feet so you can wear your favorite shoes with them. They are 30% discounted to 140L during the event. There is also a cute 10L special, Bailey Dress, for you.
Owner/Creator Dalriada Delwood
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MOoH! Social Media and More!

Kate Hair in Black Amber by “”D!va””
Owner/Creator Marisa Kira
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Boat Days 04 Pose by Amitie
Owner BELEN Ackland
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Model & Photographer: © Petra L Alexander-Valerian™

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