GHEE, kusshon, and Snowpaws at POE 9 Event – by ©PetraLAlexander-Valerian™

Share the Fun of an SL Tradition!
The Peace on Earth Hunt is the longest running grid wide hunt in SL.
Originally founded by Sequoia Nightfire.

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Official Landing Point for Peace On Earth Hunt 9
December 1st-31st, 2016


I am proud to be a blogger for this year’s POE 9 hunt, which is full of fabulous designers giving their best in the spirit of the holiday. The purpose of POE (Peace on Earth) is to provide a wonderfully joyous experience to showcase many talented designers, across the grid with the hope to reach all SL communities. Not only will it showcase the many talented designers, but will allow them to also give back to the entire community of Second Life during the festive holiday season. As I blog for POE 9, I will showcase the POE 9 designer’s gift, hunt number, and LM.

#008 – Snowpaws Holly Leaf Head Wreath and Holly Leaf Brooch @ POE 9 LM
#009 kusshon Golden Angel & Christmas Wreath Side Table @ POE 9 LM
#024 Ghee Peace on Earth Gown in 5 sizes, MESH body compatible @ POE 9 LM

Model & Photographer: ©Petra L Alexander-Valerian™
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