Sass, Abstract Soul and Poseidon @ Twe12ve Event – by PetraLAlexander-Valerian©™

en·chant·ing: inˈCHan(t)iNG,enˈCHan(t)iNG/ 
adjective: delightfully charming or attractive.
“Dinah looked enchanting”
synonyms: captivating, charming, delightful, bewitching, beguiling, adorable, lovely, attractive, appealing, engaging, winning, fetching, winsome, alluring, disarming, seductive, irresistible, fascinating; dated taking
“an enchanting ballerina”

TWE12VE monthly event by Evil Bunny Productions is new items and focused on a one word theme. This months September theme is ENCHANTING.

Sponsored by:
LX Essentials

Every month, we look forward to bringing you an awesome, new TWE12VE event focused on themed and/or seasonal/holiday designs.
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EXCLUSIVE: Sass – Fractured – Dress, Jacket and Leather Mules for Maitreya
Mini Dress and Cropped Jacket made for some MESH bodies and Classic Avatars.
Leather Mules for Maitreya and Slink feet.
Omega applier for lingerie.

EXCLUSIVE: Abstract Soul – Collapsing Enchantment (not shown)
Gacha Common: Attracting Centerpoint, Complexity Birth Engine, Quantum Petal 

Gacha Rare: Hachikami Intersection and Liquid Entry 
Gacha Ultra Rare: Quantashroom 
Also included Heavensrise (shown in photo) which is a freebie offered to all of my customers and bloggers as a personal thank you.

EXCLUSIVE: Poseidon Enchanted Ball Poses
9 poses, plus an empty Poseball v3.0 included to add poses.  Mesh mask made in 1-7 HUDS for different color and metal choices.

BODY by Maitreya Lara v3.5
HEAD by Catwa
SKIN by DeeTaleZ

          Model & Photographer: Petra L Alexander-Valerian©™
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