FEW DAYS LEFT TO GRAB HAWKER’S HOUSE for SWANK event – by PetraLAlexander-Valerian©™

SWANK is a new monthly fashion event bringing together a select group of designers with EXCLUSIVE themed releases.
SWANK Dates: JANUARY 7th – 31st
SWANK Facebook
WANK Flickr

HH for SWANK event – by PetraLAlexander-Valerian©™

Ladies Mesh Serape Sweater Snow Queen, 
Ladies Mesh Stiletto Boots in Black
Ladies Mesh Insolence Leather Leggings in Black
This complete outfit set is a must have for any fashionista’s inventory and never goes out of style. All available @ SWANK

HAIR BY Dura Girl 49 in Black 
EYELINER by PiCHi Pure Eyeliner in Black #5
LIPSTICK by Madrid Solo Beguiled – Lips Only in Dark Red

LASHES by Oceane Modest Mesh, Upper Lashes only
SKIN by DeeTaleZ
POSE by NRage Studio

Model & Photographer: Petra L Alexander-Valerian©™
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