Lyrical B!zarre Templates – TAUNT and NanTra Poses for The Instruments Event – by PetraLAlexander-Valerian©™

It’s almost the kickoff of the new Star Wars movie! Did you get your tickets yet? What about a shopping trip after the premiere, to boost that special sci-fi feel? The Instruments theme this month is Star Wars, so be ready to don that classy storm trooper outfit, Leia buns and so much awesomeness!
4Lyrical B!zarre Templates - STAR WARS for The Instruments Event – by PetraLAlexander-Valerian©™Event name: The Instruments
Event start: November 18th
LM: 􀀀

1. !Lyrical B!zarre Templates! – Taunt gown

2. {NANTRA} Lightsaber from Beware the Dark Side Poses

Face Paint Mirage #2 Female Body Art (not available)
Madrid Solo – Full Face Designs- Cosmo Eyes Only
Oceane – Diva Cat Make-up Black
Oceane – Witchy Woo Lipstick Black Red
!Lyrical B!zarre Templates! – Chloe Hat
Nuuna’s Creepy black eyes
SKIN by October’s 4Seasons – J’adore Blossom
POSE by NanTra

!Lyrical B!zarre Templates! MAINSTORE
!Lyrical B!zarre Templates! FACEBOOK
!Lyrical B!zarre Templates! FLICKR

Model & Photographer: Petra L Alexander-Valerian©™
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